32 Notes for Nurses on Catching More ZZZs

As any nurse knows all too well, sleep is really important.  Whether you are a nurse working the day shift or the night shift, everyone needs to be alert and ready when they are on duty.  And while all nurses understand how important sleep is, getting a good night’s (or day’s) sleep is sometimes easier said than done.  Here are some tips and tricks on how to get better sleep, the best sleeping positions, sleeping mistakes, and why sleep deprivation is so bad for us all.

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3 Steps to Building the Perfect “Oh, no!” Fund

Note:  the following entry is the first of three guest posts from our partners at Painless1099.  Cerebro presents Painless1099 as one of many resources available to nurses who work as independent contractors on the Cerebro marketplace. 

Being a freelancer can be one of the best careers out there. You get to do what you love and get paid while doing it. You’re constantly building, learning, and ultimately creating value for your clients. Rewarding is an understatement.

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What is Lean and What’s it Doing in Healthcare?

Last week, UC Irvine announced that they are offering a new continuing education specialization focused on Lean thinking for healthcare professionals.  Lean is (and really, has been for many years) increasing in popularity among healthcare institutions.

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39 Exercises to Help Nurses Stay Healthy On The Job

Not that we have to remind you as a nurse, but you’re in one of the top 5 most dangerous professions (https://www.edgarsnyder.com/blog/2015/05/15-five-dangerous-things-nurse.html) in terms of workplace injuries.  Many of these are the result of long term physical strain – bending, lifting, carrying, prolonged standing, etc.  Below are 39 exercises you can do to help protect themselves while they heal others.  The best part is many of them can be done without equipment!

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Tips to Develop a Pretty Awesome Resume (and Hopefully Land a Great RN Job too) 

At Cerebro, we understand that caring for patients is your calling.  Caring for you is ours.  And we believe our marketplace app is a revolutionary way for connecting nurses and hospitals to fill those staffing shortages that can lead to diminished patient care.

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Nurse Event Roundup: Los Angeles

Looking for professional development opportunities in LA?  Look no further!  See below for links to upcoming events, conferences, classes, and more.  Details are available in the linked pages, some of which we summarized here.  Be sure to visit SOAP Notes often to find roundups from other cities.Read More »

30 Tips for the Nocturnal Super Heroes (aka Night Shift Nurses)

Night shifts can sound dreary (especially if you’re new to it or it’s your first RN job), but they don’t have to be.  Check out 30 tips below about how you can get through — and hopefully enjoy — those late night / early morning hours.Read More »