Why We’re Here

After my last appointment with my doctor, I was more than a little scared. She found an unidentified mass, and just short of my 24th birthday, I was precisely at the point in my life where testicular cancer might have taken me away from here. Before that moment, I was invincible, obviously. But after a night of tossing and turning, I drove as fast as I could to the best ED at the best hospital that I could find.

The doctor pulled the curtain back and introduced himself. Nothing he said made any sense to me then. All I could hear is my own heartbeat between my ears anyway. Something about lab values, patience, and imaging.

A nurse came in. Just a few years older than me, Hans had dark eyes and sharp features, and spoke firmly and confidently. He was considerate. Compassionate. While a human carousel of people came in and out of my room asking for insurance and blood seemingly every time I could catch my breath, Hans was the only person that I reallyremember seeing, and the only one that saw me. He was my nurse during that dreadful time – and he made it less dreadful.

Thankfully, I recovered quickly, having found something less grave than cancer.  I went home. All I could think about was this nurse, and how I could do something like that with my life. I figured then, and know now, that I don’t have the talent or a strong enough stomach to be a nurse.  But the least that I could do was dedicate my career to supporting Hans and clinicians like him.

I went back to school, which led to a career change into hospital administration. I saw nurses’ frustrations first hand, from being overworked and under-appreciated, to being understaffed and overwhelmed. After working for over 10 years in hospital administration, I realized I could do more.

Cerebro Solutions is my way of doing more. Cerebro offers hospitals and clinicians like Hans a smarter, easier way to connect to each other. With the Cerebro Marketplace, hospitals can find nurses when and where they need them… and nurses can find staffing opportunities when they (not administrators or agencies or others) want them. The result: hospitals’ needs are met, and nurses can focus on the real task at hand: improving patient care, one shift at a time.

As the Cerebro team continues its work, first in Los Angeles and later in the rest of California and the Southwest, we plan to chart our progress here on SOAP Notes. We’ll cover critical issues you, the nurses and other clinicians, may be thinking about: healthcare news, research updates, professional development, industry practices and tips, and more.  We invite you to connect with us (and let us know how we’re doing).  You can follow SOAP Notes or Cerebro’s social media!

I am grateful for the opportunity to fix a problem that was so hard to face as an admin ( and even harder to avoid) . And I am grateful to pay tribute to the heroic caregivers who make such a difference in patients’ lives, and the one that made such a lasting impact on me. It has been years since my hospital visit, and later, my long nights as a night administrator. But I still remember them. And based on those experiences, I know that Cerebro’s work starts and ends with you, the nurses. Caring for patients is your calling. Caring for you is ours. That’s why we’re here.


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