Tips to Develop a Pretty Awesome Resume (and Hopefully Land a Great RN Job too) 

At Cerebro, we understand that caring for patients is your calling.  Caring for you is ours.  And we believe our marketplace app is a revolutionary way for connecting nurses and hospitals to fill those staffing shortages that can lead to diminished patient care.

But we also know that improving patient care goes beyond our app. We want to empower nurses to take control, not only of their schedules, but also of their careers. That’s why we’re developing programs to offer professional development tips and help, whether or not nurses join our marketplace (though we would certainly love that)!

We’re fortunate to have a highly experienced RN recruiter here at Cerebro. Our general manager, Gail Nishi, MS, RN has spent over 20 years recruiting and placing nurses around Southern California. She understands what employers look for in terms of RN experience, including the best ways for a nurse to present herself — whether in her resume, the interview, or on the unit floor.

Our professional development tools may be especially helpful for new grads, who can find landing their first RN job out of school a bit of a challenge.  (On a personal note – I applied to over 200 jobs before I got my first one after college, so I can relate with the frustration).

To kickoff our efforts, we organized Gail’s top tips into a helpful infographic below. Please feel free to download, share, laminate, stick near your computer, whatever. We will be doing more professional development programming, so stay tuned to The SOAP Notes for updates.  (Also, be on the lookout for Gail’s upcoming post for why she chose to work for Cerebro)!

nurse tips

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