Nurses Travel Around the Country to Help After Hurricane Harvey

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” -Val Saintsbury

Amid all of the tragedy and devastation of Hurricane Harvey comes some remarkable stories of nurses who literally travel out of their way to provide care and comfort to those in need.

  • A Franklin County, VA nurse, Cynthia Newby, is part of a federal health program that travels the country to provide medical care and support in the face of natural disasters.  She recently returned from Houston where she provided medical care to over 3800 people.  All of this in addition to her own job at a local health care facility (link here).
  • Iasis Healthcare recently sent twenty-six fantastic nurse volunteers (as well as supplies) to Houston to provide nursing relief to those local nurses who have been working almost non-stop caring for patients.  These volunteers will give the local nurses a much deserved break for ten days to go home and spend time with their families, while they sleep on cots and work out of the hospital (link here).
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta had nine nurses travel to Houston to help take care of NICU babies at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.  These nine were among a group of fifty who volunteered to help from CHOA.  They will spend two weeks there, providing extra care and relief (link here).

These are just a few of the inspiring stories of nurses coming together from across the country to help patients and other nurses.  This is in addition to the countless local nurses who have worked relentlessly to help the city’s residents get back on their feet.  It goes to show that one can never truly overestimate a nurse’s capacity for caring.


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