18 Ways to Have a Successful First Day at a New Job as a Nurse

Are you starting at a new hospital or department?  Or maybe you’re a nurse on the Cerebro marketplace (wink wink) and picked up a per diem shift at the hospital across town. Here are some tips and tricks to help you start off on the right foot!

  1. Get there early – arrive early to find parking, and find where you need to check in.
  2. Go prepared – be sure to have everything you need; pens, notebook, water, your lunch, and anything else you will need during your shift.
  3. Meet the resource folks – meet with the scheduler, the manager/director, and your supervisor first. Ask them questions such as expectations, requirements, and others to ensure a successfully shift.
  4. Ask for a tour of the hospital – know where the restrooms are, the café, and exit routes.
  5. Get a tour of the unit – familiarize yourself with where the crash charts are, linens, instruments, and other key areas that will help you feel comfortable.
  6. Find out where policies/procedures are kept – it is always helpful to know where to look when you have questions. Also, your new co-workers will appreciate you taking it upon yourself to find answers to your questions!
  7. Find out important phone numbers – whether for the nutritionist, security, other departments –   make a list and keep it in your notebook.
  8. Learn how to do admissions – ask to be walked through the admissions process and practice with someone so you feel comfortable.
  9. Learn how to do discharges – read above!
  10. Are there nursing assistants? – find out if there are nursing assistants and what can you delegate to them.
  11. Paging the physician – learn how, when, and where and practice.
  12. Documentation – what is required, where to document, and how to format.
  13. Ask what your responsibilities are – clear expectations will help everyone’s job! Ask what they expect you to do and clearly express what you can do. That way everyone is on the same page.
  14. Ask what you need to do to send a patient to surgery – there are different procedures and documentation needed when a patient needs to have surgery or prepped for a procedure. Ask and learn what that is ahead of time so the process goes smoothly for you.
  15. Meet your co-workers – be sure to introduce yourself and learn who you are working with.
  16. Meet the physicians – a good working relationship with the nurse and physician always makes for a better shift!
  17. Downtime? Check things out for yourself – when you have downtime, use it wisely! Go through the step of the tour you received when you arrive and continue to familiarize yourself with your working area.
  18. Be open minded – you are in a new environment, with new people, with new situations. Be open to change, new ways of working, and be open to change.



Source: http://www.vagabondrn.com/travelnurseorientation/

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