Become an “Entreprenurse”

We had the privilege of attending the 10th annual TravCon last week (for those unaware, it’s a conference in Las Vegas for traveling nurses), and it was a great experience meeting so many dedicated nurses and other allied health professionals.  A few conversations with these nurses spurred my thinking on a topic near and dear to Cerebro – the concept of nurses as entrepreneurs.

Nurses spend years in school – training to get their nursing license, BSN, and/or MSN.  Maintaining that license requires even more continuous education – keeping up on new practices and research.  On top of formal education, more time and money is spent obtaining and maintaining specialized certifications (CEN, PALS, AACN, etc).  Then there’s the years of formal and on-the-job training, learning additional skills, and hands-on patient care.  With all of this, why isn’t it more commonplace for nurses to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, marketing their considerable skills and training to hospitals in an effort to provide patients with the best possible care?

It’s a different concept for sure.  Entrepreneurs have traditionally been thought of in strict terms as a person who starts their own business.  While that will always be true, the definition is rightfully expanding thanks to the rise of the gig economy, and nurses should be included in that.  A lot of traveling nurses have gotten a jump on this type of thinking.  Many of them market themselves as their own personal nursing brand, offering their considerable skills and acumen to hospitals in the name of patient care.  But you don’t have to travel to become your own brand.  Great nursing skills are needed everywhere across the country, now more than ever.  And the opportunities to market your own personal nursing brand to different hospitals for various types of work are growing all the time (shameless plug – Cerebro’s Marketplace allows for clinicians and hospitals to quickly and easily find each other for temporary/contract shifts).  We believe that all nurses have the right to market the considerable investment they’ve made in themselves and become an entreprenurse.

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